We must take action immediately to change course and put a stop to this reckless culture of spending that has ruled Washington for far too long.” The Financial Services Committee approved the following two bills: H.R. 839, the HAMP Termination Act H.R. 839, introduced by Rep. Patrick McHenry (NC), terminates Treasury’s authority to provide new assistance under HAMP while preserving the contracts made prior to the bill’s enactment. H.R.

Many of the marketing messages that are developed for each product do not mention the drug at all. A ‘prelaunch’ marketing message might emphasize the importance of a specific physiologic process in order to set the stage for acceptance of a drug that affects that mechanism, or might create an unnecessary diagnostic distinction in order to establish a niche for a drug entering a crowded market. Selling disease CME is used to sell drugs by selling diseases. As a marketing article called “Proving the case for investing in CME,” states:“The most significant benefits for industry may include creating disease-state awareness and disease state significance.” i 1 Another marketing article notes that:“CME activities are most valuable in introducing products early in their life cycles or for promoting mature brands with new indications and new clinical data.” 2 Industry-funded CME often emphasizes the severity or prevalence of specific conditions in order to prepare, or expand, a market. 3 Manipulating physicians’ understanding of the prevalence or severity of medical conditions can lead to overtreatment, and expose patients to the adverse effects of drugs without significant benefit.

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