The Forest Service may approve changes to the grazing rotation in consultation with you, to address range condition and situations that may occur due to forage condition or weather related circumstances. 2. Grazing Management It is strongly suggested that livestock be moved before utilization standards are met. If allowable use levels are met early in the scheduled pasture, cattle will be rotated into the next pasture or off the Forest This should prevent non-compliance of standards, allowing for time to clean the unit of stragglers. Monitoring will be conducted to measure utilization of riparian and upland vegetation throughout the grazing year.

The Des Plaines Healthy Community Partnership Foundation is the fiscal agent for the Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation The $93,000 award will assist the foundation to achieve its two goals of strengthening coalition effectiveness and reducing substance abuse among youth by implementing the following strategies: . Develop a multiyear risk prevention community action plan 1/2 Grant to Aid Youth Group . Develop effective community responses to youth alcohol, tobacco and drug use. . Strengthening coalition effectiveness by increasing the number of community sectors represented on the coalition and supporting existing partner staff to institute and or continue prevention/intervention programming.

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