Requirements must be prioritized against finite resources 6 6 Validation Overview for CaRDS Auto Notification CaRDS Request Originator Appeal A Mandate (e.g., executive order, public law, etc.) would enter Cards at Tier 2 Not Approved - Feedback to Originator Tier 3 – AFS Director Review/Validation o r To AFS (if contained within Portfolio) Approv Tier 4 – MDC Validation ed To PIC (as validated field requirement) To NSP Team (for execution) Tier 2 – Service Program Team (SPT) Review Integrat e CaRDS Template Submission (at FMC Level by designated submitter) with SD Obtain RD/OD Clearance Portfolio Tier 1 – First Level (Local) Review (MIC/HIC, MSD, NCs Director, Div Chief with clearance by FMC Director) Submit Request (short template) Needs/ Requests 7 7 New NWS Governance & Field Requirements Validation Process (CaRDS) NWS Governance Councils NWS Executive Council (EC) Portfolio Integration Council (PIC) Mission Delivery Council (MDC) Requirements Mission Execution Portfolio (Generates Needs) Service Delivery Portfolios (Innovates Solutions) NWS ORF Portfolios Observations Central Processing Dissemination Science & Technology Integration Solutions Analyze, Forecast & Support Needs/ Requests 8 Climate Example Validated Requirement for new Product sent to PIC Link to Annual Operating Plan Review & Vote by MDC Trade Space & Resource Discussion Review by AFS Dir Options & Development Possible Social Science Study Review by PET Vote by Climate SPT Testing (OPG) & Training Development Approval by MIC Approval by Region Transition to Operations Submit CaRDS form WFO Forecaster has a great idea for a new climate product 9 Climate Program – Looking Forward • Exciting Times Ahead for Climate Services • Maturing a continuum of information • Increased computing capacity & new sensors (e.g., GOES R) • Filling in weather-climate gap time period • Improved ability to convey IDSS (Climate/Weather Linkage) • Impacts Catalog • Tools to show recurrence frequencies of extreme events • Ability to provide environmental data to core partners to enable their mission areas • Ecological Forecasting • Infectious Diseases • Human Health • Surface Transportation 10 NWS Climate Services Program Deliver climate information for response and preparedness for seasonal to sub-seasonal timescales NWS HQs Regions CSB ● Climate data stewardship and services ● Monitoring, prediction, assessment, analysis, and diagnostics of the climate system ● Regional and local climate NCEP CPC EMC NWS WFO WSO RFC services through distributed service outlets ● Decision support, capacity building, and customer service 11 Climate Services Branch • Coordinates NWS Climate Program in NWS and NOAA planning activities • Coordinates NWS policy and requirements gathering • Serves as the national coordinator for regional and local climate services • Coordinates development of guidance for operational delivery of NWS climate services • Coordinates development of policies and documents in support of climate services 12 Building capacity within NWS staff • Training 1. 30 hours online training • Module updates and additions as needed 2. Operational Climate Services Delivery • Residence course offered at NWSTC, Kansas City 3. Climate Variability and Change Virtual Course (CVCVC) • In partnership with COMET 4. Advanced Climate Variability and Change Course • 5.

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