Definitions have been removed added or updated to agree with the handbook changes. Updated and expanded Adjusting Transitional Yields for High-Risk Land. Removed Continuous Cropping Practice. Removed Hard-Copy Evidence for Category “B and C” Crops. Removed Transfer of APH Yield History on Category “B and C” Annual Crops.

In complying, California has developed successive lists of "impaired" water bodies biennially since 1976. After 1996, public attention increasingly focused on an important consequence of "section 303(d) listing" -the development and implementation of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). Simultaneously, public demand for regional consistency and transparency in the section 303(d) listing process intensified. In response, the California Water Code (CWC) was modified to require the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to prepare guidelines for listing or delisting water bodies on the section 303(d) list (CWC section 13191.3(a)). SWRCB regulations (Title 23 of the California Code of Regulations [CCR] section 3777(a)) independently require that an environmental review, equivalent to a CEQA document, accompany a Policy proposed for SWRCB adoption.

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