It included secret deals, loopholes, special interests, drafting errors, and allowed all federal agencies to be created without Congressional knowledge or oversight. The bottom line is the Affordable Care Act was not meaningful reform. There is no way that this law will improve your health or your health care or reduce costs. In fact it’s going to cost you plenty. With health care on so many people’s minds, I wanted to share with you a few of my ideas for what we could do in health care.

In this regard, when I use the term “we,” I am referring to APSP and the industry as a whole, not my company. We, collectively, thank the Subcommittee for holding this hearing, highlighting the critical importance of pool safety, particularly during National Safe Kids Week. We have participated in events sponsored by Safe Kids Worldwide and others to educate caregivers on pool safety measures. Safety is a core belief and commitment of this industry, and we appreciate the opportunity to participate here today. Our industry touches millions of people.

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