I am also co-owner in a seed conditioning facility that does contract seed production, conditioning, packaging & warehousing. All of our soybeans are raised for seed along with about 75% of our rice. In addition to my farm and seed business, I also serve as the commissioner for the East Cape Girardeau/Clear Creek Levee & Drainage District, the Illinois Crop Improvement Association and am a member of the USA Rice Producers’ Group Board of Directors. Importance of Agriculture and Cost-Effective Farm Policy U.S. agriculture shares a certain amount of pride for what we do for the nation’s economy. Agriculture still matters.

Byzantine PDF. A new Frankenstein PDF created on each reload. Made using 1000 government PDFs created from the Library of Congress web archives holdings. -by Matt Miller
Listed below is the source materials for this page. The URL likely no longer works. To access the PDF download "1000 .gov PDF Dataset" and look in the data/ directory for the PDF.
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