The Commission has issued an order by default denying transfer agent registration to International Postal Systems, Inc., Tupelo, Mississippi. It appears that, pursuant to Rule 6(e) of the Commission's Rules of Practice, IPSI has failed to file a notice of appearance and has failed to appear at the hearing on this matter. (ReI. 34-15205) COURT ENFORCEMENT ACTIONS COMPLAINT NAMES SAMUEL ARCH HARWELL, OTHERS The Commission filed, on October 5, an injunctive action in the U.S. District Court in Houston against six defendants in connection with transactions by the University of Houston in government securities. The University is an institution of the State of Texas with four campuses in the Houston area.

While the information provided in the GASPP brochure (attachment # 1) is representative of gang indicators, it is not all-inclusive. Symbols, colors, hand signs, clothing and gang codes consistently change due to Police awareness and fashion trends. The changes in team logos and colors of professional sports organizations are frequently the impetus for such changes. The prevention element of GASPP encompasses many youth-oriented activities. These include mentoring programs for elementary school students, along with a guide for parents that advises them of the many programs available to their child as an alternative to gangs.

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